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About Modificare Therapy

Hi, I'm Fiona Tyler of Modificare Therapy. 


I'm a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, trained in various techniques to help people access their inner resources.

I enable clients to work through mental blocks and open the door to their personal happiness and spiritual growth.

If you're ready to evolve, change and realise your full potential, if you need to relax, require pain control or are just curious about the therapies I offer you can contact me here.


Smoking Cessation

Are you tired of being ruled by your addiction?
Want to be healthier, wealthier and happier?
Contact me about single session smoking cessation therapy.

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Weight Control

Looking for your perfect size? Love your food or hate it this 4 part therapy is designed to help you have a healthier relationship with the food you eat while still enabling you to eat the foods you like in moderation.

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Is your hi-tech, 100mph life getting on top of you?  Are you unable to cope with the constant, nagging stress?
Get in touch to find out what I can do to help you unwind.

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Improve Self Esteem

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to Improve Self Esteem. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories and start working to overcome them.

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Pain Reduction

Feeling old, creaky and inflamed?  Want to get rid of those nagging aches and pains?

Sick of taking tablets?  

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple and effective way of dealing with this without drugs, a way of getting on with your life instead of being a slave to the pain.  What if I told you it's already available to you.

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Addictive Behaviour

Therapy for substance and process addictions.
Covering addictions from drugs, alcohol, sugar, food, gambling, gaming, negativity.

Whatever your addiction this 4 part therapy may be for you.

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Find out how I can help

Appointments also available via video link on the platform of your choice.

To book your free confidential consultation contact Fiona at

or call on

07414 512 196 


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